Noongar Six Seasons

Noongar people are the traditional Aboriginal people from the Southwest of Western Australia and Noongar country 'boodja' covers an area from Jurien Bay through to Esperance.

The Noongar Seasons have always been a-part of Aboriginal life and like time itself, the Six Noongar Seasons represent a predictable timetable of foreseeable events. Acknowledgement that nothing is unconnected, and each change is being influenced by the last.

Animals, insects and Noongar people have always relied on this process, moving across the land directed by the weather and location of available foods. Plants flower at the same times of year, bearing fruit and reproducing according to this endless cycle.

Recognising this beautiful connection and understanding the synchronicity of all these events that happen simultaneously gives us the knowledge to know what to do and when it needs to happen. Each small change is in direct response to another, and this symbolic interconnection is essential to maintain the eco cycle we all depend on for life.

To understand the specific indicators of the Seasonal Calendar, unique to land, is to read nature itself who will always provide us with the knowledge that has guided Aboriginal people for thousands of years.


There are many Aboriginal communities throughout Australia, and all have their own language, lore systems, kinship systems and beliefs. Aboriginal language was an oral language that was passed down from one generation to the next, therefore the language can vary in spelling.

Boodja - Land

Djarliny - Flame

Ni - Listen

Karl - Fire

Ngardanginy - Hunting practices

Karla - Campfire

Koondarnangor - Thunder

Mia Mia - Shelter

Koolbardi - Magpie

Yonga - Kangaroo

Weitj - Emu

Koormal - Female possum

Kelang - Male possum

Djidi djidi - Willy wagtail

Djet Malkakoom - Wildflower

Moodjar - Christmas Tree

Balga - Grass Tree

Poolgarla - Bull banksia - banksia grandis

Galyang - Rigid wattle - acacia cochlearis

Kudjong - Orange wattle

Karda - Goanna

Noorn - Dugite

Wakarl - Carpet snake

Nornt - Tiger snake

Yoorn - Bobtail