" My artwork depicts a visual representation of the delicate balance and vital connections that exist between my Culture and the forces of nature in our environment that affect us all.” 

I was born in the coastal town of Undalup (Busselton), which is situated in the Southwest of Western Australia.  I am from the Wardandi/Bibbulman Noongar Community on my mother's side and from the Ballardong Noongar Community on my father's side. My totem spirit animal, is the Blue-tongue Lizard, known in my local dialect as Yoorn and my Artist-name Djarliny translates from Noongar to English as flame.


Painting has offered me a powerful way to express my experiences and has given me an instrument to use colour to conquer my emotions and explore connections. Painting fuels my ability to shatter my own limits, to discover, to innovate and to grasp numerous intricate situations and strive to find solace in overcoming them.


My journey is to forge my own path, breaking free from limitations to craft my own unique narrative. By means of art, I am enabled to release my voice, to broaden my horizons, to unravel the enigmas within and around me.

The inspiration behind the Noongar Six Seasons Artwork stems from my upbringing, where each Season embodies an essence passed down through generations. I believe that The Six Noongar Seasons reflect the heartbeat of this country and form a cornerstone to preserve the interconnectedness of our ecosystem.
Accompanying the Noongar Six Seasons collection are two additional collections named Cultural Knowledge and Colours of Being. I am currently in the midst of creating new Artworks.
I have been painting brushstrokes and creating bespoke Artworks cherished by private collectors for over a decade and I have sold Artworks in Australia, France, Singapore, Ireland, Greece, England, America, Canada, Hanoi, New Zealand and Switzerland.


There are many Aboriginal communities throughout Australia, and all have their own language, lore systems, kinship systems and beliefs. Aboriginal language was an oral language that was passed down from one generation to the next, therefore the language can vary in spelling.

Boodja - Land

Djarliny - Flame

Ni - Listen

Karl - Fire

Ngardanginy - Hunting practices

Karla - Campfire

Koondarnangor - Thunder

Mia Mia - Shelter

Koolbardi - Magpie

Yonga - Kangaroo

Weitj - Emu

Koormal - Female possum

Kelang - Male possum

Djidi djidi - Willy wagtail

Djet Malkakoom - Wildflower

Moodjar - Christmas Tree

Balga - Grass Tree

Poolgarla - Bull banksia - banksia grandis

Galyang - Rigid wattle - acacia cochlearis

Kudjong - Orange wattle

Karda - Goanna

Noorn - Dugite

Wakarl - Carpet snake

Nornt - Tiger snake

Yoorn - Bobtail