We are the first business to focus entirely on the Six Aboriginal Seasons with our unique business concept and our unique range of soy candles that began by showcasing the Noongar Seasons of Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang. 

Our business inception and its vision dates back over a decade and within merely half a year of starting our business journey from our garage, we witnessed an ongoing upsurge in interest from local customers.

Our unique concept which began with a candle collection offering a glimpse into the knowledge of the Six Aboriginal Seasons, consisting of hand-poured and locally crafted candles, revealed a bold chance to exhibit culture in a fragrance.

Our unique business concept and marketing strategy aimed to bring the ancient knowledge of the Aboriginal Seasons into every household, fostering a collective reverence for nature and commitment to sustainability.

I was excited to build a business that combined the core values of pride in my culture, knowledge of the Six Aboriginal Seasons while ensuring environmental sustainability of our products. 

As a newcomer to commerce, I embraced the challenge of navigating this new world, thriving in consistently acquiring knowledge. The commencement of our business journey was a mixture of challenges and victories that continually propelled us towards embracing all possibilities.

Ending the first year of business, we were able to showcase our Six Season collection which had expanded to include incense sticks, fragrance oils, essential oils, vegan soaps, Artwork, and wood-work products.

Exploring the domain of Art, we immerse ourselves in the captivating Noongar Six Seasons with exquisite Artworks and our newest collection of coffee cups, beloved by our customers, showcasing the Artistry of the esteemed local Noongar Artist Djarliny.

We are also days away from unveiling our magnificent, handmade Incense Holders crafted by acclaimed Southwest Artisan and Ceramicist Japneet Keith.


There are many Aboriginal communities throughout Australia, and all have their own language, lore systems, kinship systems and beliefs. Aboriginal language was an oral language that was passed down from one generation to the next, therefore the language can vary in spelling.

Boodja - Land

Djarliny - Flame

Ni - Listen

Karl - Fire

Ngardanginy - Hunting practices

Karla - Campfire

Koondarnangor - Thunder

Mia Mia - Shelter

Koolbardi - Magpie

Yonga - Kangaroo

Weitj - Emu

Koormal - Female possum

Kelang - Male possum

Djidi djidi - Willy wagtail

Djet Malkakoom - Wildflower

Moodjar - Christmas Tree

Balga - Grass Tree

Poolgarla - Bull banksia - banksia grandis

Galyang - Rigid wattle - acacia cochlearis

Kudjong - Orange wattle

Karda - Goanna

Noorn - Dugite

Wakarl - Carpet snake

Nornt - Tiger snake

Yoorn - Bobtail