Bunuru Season




Colour - Red

To represent the heat and hot weather.

Bunuru Season unveils the breathtaking stars illuminating the nocturnal sky, while the constellations, easily reinforce Noongar people's spiritual connection to country. The sunlight shifts the atmospheric conditions across the land and the ocean breeze affects the air's movement with Bunuru being the hottest Season in the Noongar Seasonal Calender.

The arrival of Bunuru brings the surroundings to be engulfed in heat and scarce rainfall, basking in radiant sunrays and intense warmth. As Bunuru's presence fills the air with a sultry heat and little rain, the landscape is bathed in golden sunbeams and an undeniable warmth.

The Noongar people are residing near the coastal regions, drawn by the abundance of fresh and salwater animals that serves as a primary source of food.

The wattle and banksia flora are blooming in this Season, filling the air with delicate fragrances while the majestic, ancient jarrah tree displays signs of growth that encompass not only its powerful existence of being but also serves as a sanctuary for the animals relying on it, such as the black cockatoo.



There are many Aboriginal communities throughout Australia, and all have their own language, lore systems, kinship systems and beliefs. Aboriginal language was an oral language that was passed down from one generation to the next, therefore the language can vary in spelling.

Boodja - Land

Djarliny - Flame

Ni - Listen

Karl - Fire

Ngardanginy - Hunting practices

Karla - Campfire

Koondarnangor - Thunder

Mia Mia - Shelter

Koolbardi - Magpie

Yonga - Kangaroo

Weitj - Emu

Koormal - Female possum

Kelang - Male possum

Djidi djidi - Willy wagtail

Djet Malkakoom - Wildflower

Moodjar - Christmas Tree

Balga - Grass Tree

Poolgarla - Bull banksia - banksia grandis

Galyang - Rigid wattle - acacia cochlearis

Kudjong - Orange wattle

Karda - Goanna

Noorn - Dugite

Wakarl - Carpet snake

Nornt - Tiger snake

Yoorn - Bobtail